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DHA valley Islamabad a housing project launched on 18 august 2008. It is the joint venture of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad, and Habib Rafiq (pvt) limited. The society has facilitating the people b y providing full of luxurious living style including a secure gated community with all basic necessities i.e. provision of electricity, water, gas. In addition of standardized schools, hospitals and a grand Jamie masque society become acquire the more value. Moreover the bundle of beautiful parks and golf courses are the attraction of society. It becomes easy for all home seekers from highly rich to poorer. Blue world city Islamabad inspires to its very affordable prices and follows the same payoff plan.

Vision Group has successfully delivered Park View Villas Lahore situated at Multan Road, opposite to DHA EME Sector in Lahore.

About defense housing society Islamabad

The Defence Housing Authority, Rawalpindi (DHA Islamabad) is a neighborhood located within the Rawalpindi metropolitan area. The neighborhood is divided into five parts and straddles the Punjab provincial border. The neighborhood was primarily established for military personnel in 1992reddl by the Pakistan armed forces welfare department.


Defence IOldest phase of Defence, located near Morgah.
Defence IILargest of all subdivisions, between Islamabad Expressway and N-5 National Highway. Home to the World Trade Center Islamabad.
Defence IIIPreviously Bahria Garden City, located east of Bahria VIII.
Defence IVUnder construction
Defence Valley, IslamabadOn hold, located adjacent to Defence II on Islamabad Expressway. Subject to a massive corruption scandal.[3]

Location of DHA valley Islamabad

The location of DHA valley Islamabad has unique attraction because of covers all major phases of DHA Islamabad. The society is connected with Islamabad via six line DHA expressway. It take only 10 minutes from Rawalpindi center to reach DHA phase II extension and has easy access from Islamabad.

Location map of DHA Islamabad


Offered scheme of DHA valley

  • Residential
  • Commercial avenue
  • Overseas block
  • DHA homes

Residential plots

DHA valley Islamabad provided residential plots of 5 marla and 8 marla at a very affordable price for general public on 3 year installments plan.

Commercial plots

Commercial Avenue has been designed with commercial and business perception. The development of DHA Commercial Avenue is in high progress level.

4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots are located on main boulevard of commercial avenue.

Overseas block

Overseas Pakistanis now book their plot in sunflower, magnolia etc which are the sub category of overseas block. Overseas block have too have 5 and 8 marla residential plots. The construction in overseas block has been started with the aim to create self sustaining living environment also it helped to bring good amount of foreign currency into the country.

DHA homes

DHA offered 5 marla and 8 marla affordable housing unit both for Pakistani resident and overseas Pakistanis with the concept of differentiated living solution. Number of DHA homes is handed over to the customer and they are started to living there and enjoying all those facilities which are provided by DHA Community.

Balloting of DHA valley Islamabad

The first balloting of Defence Housing Authority has conducted on 23rd December 2018, at DHA head office. In this balloting limited residential plot file are considered on such criteria i.e. priority was given to army allocated files as well as some civilian were also include on the bases of timely paid.

About 5000 residential plot files in block 6 of DHA has balloted of different sectors i.e. lily, oleander, daffodils, magnolia, rose and bluebell.

DHA re-balloting 2

DHA valley Islamabad has conducted its mega balloting name re-ballot 2 in 2nd phase on 22nd of April 2019. Reportedly, more than 10,000 files have been considered for balloting.

Why strictly action from DHA valley Islamabad

In December 2013, DHA sent a notice to all those who had not paid their due installments for plots. The defaulter were in large rang those stopped the payments had different reasons. DHA after giving deadline extended it 3 times for giving more time to the allotters to make them possible for paid their remaining payment. Finally on 10 of January took the action and cancelled the files of those defaulters who had paid less than 4 installments. After this action people took this project seriously. Moreover it become helpful to gather enough funds as well as reduced number of allotters who wait for the possession of their plots.

Future of DHA valley Islamabad

It is really seems that DHA have a bright future ahead. In coming years it will be find in such of successful societies which has tremendous preference for secure future seekers. The remaining development work is going with level of speed. It is expected that this society will be demand of everyone on the base of very affordable price holding with all life facilities.

Prices of DHA valley Islamabad

Prices keeping change time to time in DHA valley Islamabad, current prices of different blocks given below with holding location map of different blocks:

DHA Valley BlocksPlot SizeMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Bluebell5M9.00 Lacs12.00 Lacs
Bluebell8M12.00 Lacs14.00 Lacs
Rose5M8.00 Lacs8.50 Lacs
Rose8M10.50 Lacs12.00 Lacs
Tulip5M8.00 Lacs8.50 Lacs
Tulip8M10.50 Lacs11.00 Lacs
Daisy5M7.50 Lacs8.00 Lacs
Daisy8M10.00 Lacs10.50 Lacs
Eglantine5M7.00 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Eglantine8M9.50 Lacs10.00 Lacs
Sunflower5M8.00 Lacs9.00 Lacs
Sunflower8M12.00 Lacs13.00 Lacs
Lilly5M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Lilly8M12.00 Lacs13.00 Lacs
Jasmine5M8.00 Lacs8.50 Lacs
Jasmine8M10.50 Lacs11.00 Lacs
Oleander5M10.00 Lacs12.00 Lacs
Oleander8M13.00 Lacs14.00 Lacs
Daffodils5M8.00 Lacs8.50 Lacs
Daffodils8M10.50 Lacs11.50 Lacs
Bogenvelia5M8.00 Lacs9.00 Lacs
Bogenvelia8M12.00 Lacs13.00 Lacs
Magnolia5M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Magnolia8M12.00 Lacs13.00 Lacs
Marigold5M7.00 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Marigold8M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Zinnia5M6.50 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Zinnia8M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Gloxinia5M7.00 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Gloxinia8M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Snowdrop5M6.50 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Snowdrop8M8.50 Lacs9.00 Lacs
Iris5M6.50 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Iris8M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Lotus5M6.50 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Lotus8M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
Lavender5M6.50 Lacs7.50 Lacs
Lavender8M8.50 Lacs9.50 Lacs
DHA Homes Unballoted5M25.00 Lacs30.00 Lacs
DHA Homes Balloted5M32.00 Lacs40.00 Lacs
DHA Homes Unballoted8M40.00 Lacs45.00 Lacs
DHA Homes Balloted8M55.00 Lacs75.00 Lacs
DHA Valley Commercial4M30.00 Lacs45.00 Lacs
DHA Valley Commercial8M50.00 Lacs70.00 Lacs
DHA Valley Shops (12×15)0.7M12.00 Lacs14.00 Lacs

Pictures of DHA valley Islamabad

DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley Islamabad