University Town – A Profitable Investment

University Town – A Profitable Investment

Launch of the new Islamabad International Airport has put University town Islamabad under the spotlight for many reasons. Its market has recently become highly active and investors are taking a keen interest in the housing scheme. The housing society has also succeeded in acquiring NOC from RDA last year in December.


Its location on Kashmir Highway Link Road near Motorway M-2 is a prime one and its major selling factor. It is fairly close to Islamabad International Airport, and has easy access to the Motorway.


Basic amenities such as electricity, water, and gas connections are available in the society that contributes to increased sales and a profitable investment in the society.


Blocks A, B, and D in the University town are fully developed and also possession is available as well. These blocks are somewhat populated and the rest of the area is under construction


The transportation is another major factor that contributes towards sale of a housing society. The consumer always looks for a easy transportation and communication route that will connect it to the other areas of the city. With the construction of Metro bus route to the society will bring feasibility in the lives of its residents hence becoming a reason for investment activity in the society


University Town is another one of the projects which is located in the close proximity to new airport is due to this got significant recognition after the inauguration.

The prices increased after the inauguration. However, luckily for the investors the rise only went up to around 10% to 15% which is much less than that of its neighboring housing schemes.


Every smart investor realizes that in time and enough holding power, the potential of society will exceed any other housing scheme in the area. The society will also benefit from the shift of population to Zone II. It is one of the few places around the area which is equipped with all the utilities: gas, electricity, water and sewerage, thus making it an ideal place to invest in low price.


The presence of Eighteen Islamabad– The most luxurious and expensive housing project as its close neighbor, the prices for University Town will rise significantly along with the development of Eighteen. The society will also enjoy the perks of the shared link road from Eighteen which will take University town to new heights.

We suggest that you invest in non-developed areas of the society as their prices are relatively low and within budget. The location is ideal and it has bright prospects for short & long term investments. It will guarantee bring great return on investment in due time.

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