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The latest University Town Islamabad prices vary from block to block depending on the factors such as development, possession and category plots. We will be discussing the latest prices and factors influencing these prices in this article so if you are thinking to invest in University Town Islamabad, This information will be vital so make sure you read till the end.

Block Details:

The University town is comprised of total of 6 Blocks namely A, B, C, D, E & F. Out of these 3 blocks are fully developed and 3 are yet to be completely developed.

Development Status:

Developed Blocks:

  • A, B & D Blocks: The development work in these blocks is completed. A few houses have already been constructed and residents are enjoying a comfortable living. These sectors have all the amenities available such as
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Park with swings for children
  • fully constructed network of roads
  • Paved streets
  • Water tank, that supplies water to the blocks in the society

Developing Blocks:

  • E Block: The development work in the block E of society is in progress. Heavy load Machinery is being used for leveling and mapping of the plots. It will be ready for possession in a few months.
  • C & F Block: The work in these blocks is ongoing and hopefully will be completed within 1 year to 1.5 year.


The Possession of the plots in the developed blocks i.e. A, B & D in the University town is granted immediately however it will take a longer time for developing blocks. The Possession of the E block in the society will be granted in about 6 month to 1 year. However it will take a longer time for the blocks C & F considering the development work and other formalities, the officials are giving a time frame of approximately 1 to 1.5 years maximum.


University Town Latest Prices:

University Town Islamabad Prices

Block & Plot Size                                                                                                        Prices
A            5 Marla                                                                                      PKR 1,500,000 – PKR 2,400,000
            10 Marla                                                                                      PKR 3,000,000 – PKR 3,500,000
              1 Kanal                                                                                       PKR 4,700,000 – PKR 5,000,000
B             5 Marla                                                                                      PKR 2,200,000 – PKR 2,400,000
            10 Marla                                                                                      PKR 2,800,000 – PKR 3,200,000
              1 Kanal                                                                                       PKR 4,700,000 – PKR 5,000,000
C             5 Marla                                                                                      PKR 1,400,000 – PKR 1,800,000
            10 Marla                                                                                      PKR 2,400,000 – PKR 2,800,000
              1 Kanal                                                                                        PKR 4,100,000 – PKR 4,200,000
D             5 Marla                                                                                      PKR 2,200,000 – PKR 2,400,000
             10 Marla                                                                                       PKR 2,700,000 – PKR 3,000,000
               1 Kanal                                                                                       PKR 4,300,000 – PKR 5,000,000
E            5 Marla                                                                                       PKR 1,600,000 – PKR 1,800,000
            10 Marla                                                                                       PKR 2,000,000 – PKR 2,300,000
               1 Kanal                                                                                       PKR 3,500,000 – PKR 4,500,000
F            5 Marla                                                                                       PKR 1,500,000 – PKR 1,700,000
            10 Marla                                                                                       PKR 2,300,000 – PKR 2,500,000


Category Plots:

The prices of category plots such as corner plots and park facing have a higher value hence have a higher price too.

Hope this article has been helpful in making your decision about investing in university town clearer and final. For Bookings and more information contact Sky Marketing today.