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Park View city is one of the most sought out projects not only in Islamabad but also other areas of Pakistan and abroad. There are a number of factors involved because of which Park View City has been able to successfully catch the eyes of investors as well as the individuals who have chosen to make this society their permanent resident.

In this article we will discuss the major factors that have distinguished this society from its neighboring societies.

Neighboring societies of Park View City

Park View City is a housing society with abundance of neighboring societies closest being Park Enclave and Bahria Enclave situated in zone 4 of CDA sector Islamabad.

Although the location of the societies is close to one another but without any doubt Park View City takes the lead. Why? Let’s discuss in detail.

Factors that make Park View City Best housing society in Islamabad

  • Location

Park View is strategically located only on 15 minutes drive from zero point of Islamabad, making it one of the closest housing societies to the main city. Its neighboring societies however have a longer travelling time to the city; this factor makes Park View city a better housing society than its neighboring societies for a permanent residence for people who have to travel to the city for job or education every day.

  • Amenities:

Yes the most of the basic facilities offered by the societies are always similar such as underground electricity, gas, water, telecommunication, transportation and commercial areas. What differentiates this society from rest is the concept of providing all luxuries however big or small they may b in its boundary including recreational activities, commercial hub, schooling, state of art modern hospital, entertainment facilities etc

  • Commercial Downtown:

The society has proposed a special themed Commercial Downtown, which will cater to the needs of its residents including food, retail, entertainment and other activities. None of other housing societies have proposed such a commercial hub till this date in their walls.

  • Botanical Garden:

Another factor that differentiates Park View City from other societies is the specially built botanical garden with species of plants imported from around the world to enhance the natural beauty of the society.

  • Organic Food Market:

The housing scheme will also have a designated organic food market for its residents who are health conscious and enjoy healthy organic fruits and vegetables be provided with organic food.

  • Structure of land:

Unlike the other housing societies, Park View city Islamabad has a fertile and solid land. The leveling and mapping of the land has not been altered much as the land acquired by the society is naturally rich and an ideal place for a residential project.

  • Water Reservoirs and Power plant:

Park View city has initiated to build its own power plant and construct  water reservoirs and dams in the society to generate  electricity and to provide 24/7 availability of water. The studies have shown the presence of water less than 50ft under surface of the land in the society whereas the other societies are not blessed with this advantage.

  • A Great Installment Plan:

Park View City offers a great installment plan for its investors, which is not available in the most societies thus making it very inconvenient and unfeasible for the customers to invest in. Park View City provides a easy 2 year installment plan on residential and commercial plots on possession making it an ideal society to invest in.

  • Fast Pace Development and Deliverance :

Fast paced development work and delivering the accomplished A& B blocks in the society ahead of its promised time is also another factor that makes this society better than rest of its neighboring societies. The neighboring societies however currently developed have taken plenty of time to get properly operational.

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